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PT Paranusa Sari

PT Paranusa Sari

Paranusa sari founded in 2016, is one of PT. CCCI subsidiaries that engaged in real-estate. Currently, PT. Paranusa Sari has the undergoing project named Taman Kemang Residences, located at Jalan Taman Kemang No.1, Jakarta Selatan. This apartment is built on an area 11.567 m2 and has 2 towers. Tower One for Serviced Apartment, and Tower Two for Residential and Soho Apartment. Residence Apartment has 161 units consisting of 4 types of units, namely studio type (47 m2), type 1 bedroom (58-69 m2), type 2 bedroom (75-88 m2), and type 3 bedroom (119-128 m2).

The design for the towers is inspired by the local green context and the openness to the sky. It manifests the local life and workstyle in a vertically combined mixed-use towers, bridged with the elevated podium.

Some greenery facilities will be presented to support the lifestyle of the residence of Taman Kemang Residences, including food and beverages, retail, lap pool and lounges connecting terraces with the interiors.
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