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Our Company at Glance

Our Company at Glance

PT China Communications Construction Indonesia (CCCI) established in 2008, is a representative of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC), a state-owned enterprises of the People’s Republic of China which is engaged in the investment, design, construction for infrastructure. Currently positioned as the third largest infrastructure company in the world.

CCCC is a group company with more than 60 wholly-owned subsidiaries and share-holding companies. It has set up 210 overseas branches and offices around the world and operates substantively over 140 countries and regions. Retrieving to its notable project in Indonesia back in 2009, CCCC also involved in the construction of the Suramadu Bridge.

In Indonesia, PT CCCI is represented by three different companies through diversified sub-businesses that are specific to certain functions, including Construction and Infrastructure, International Trade and Real Estate Industry, which include PT CCCEI, PT Chuwa Bussan Indonesia and PT Paranusa Sari focuses, respectively. There have been 11 projects handled by PT CCCI and one of the projects that currently underway is the Makassar-Parepare Railway Project, owned by the Ministry of Transportation that will provide the demand for passengers, goods transportation and connect ports in Makassar and in Parepare.

Adhering to its parent company, CCCC, corporate mission of “Only solid foundation, good morality and proper behavior leads to a better future” and sticking to its enterprise intention of “building a better connected world, making cities more livable and creating a better life for people”, PT CCCI also has committed itself to becoming featured and world-famed Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company.